my absolute favorite card in Cards Against Humanity is


because of the question mark

we aren’t quite sure if it’s bees

it could be bees

it might be bees

it’s probably bees

but we just can’t be certain as to whether it is or is not bees

who is that guy next to darren criss?!?






 I reblog this every single time it comes on my dash.

Me too.

Pretty much

"What’s up with all this “take off your clothes” and why do people keep on yelling it?"
— Confused parent/worker at Irving plaza after the show.

joanne-to-elsas-maureen asked: "Which restaurant did you see Starkid at?"

I want to tell you but I feel like that’s an invasion of privacy in case they go there again. They all showed up at separate times over the course of 2 hours so I feel like they didn’t really wanna be swarmed by a ton of people. I’m really sorry but I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

I saw a good number of the starkids as they were going into the restaurant that my friends and i were eating at.. the service at the restaurant was god awful but is was so worthy because STARKIDS.


Jeff Blim walked past us too. We said good job and his eyes lit up and he waved back and said thanks

His energy is fucking fantastic
Like I’m pretty sure he was bouncing